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Digital innovation. Distinguishing feature of our management services

We offer all the administrative procedures within the lifespan of a vehicle, both in the areas of new car as well as used cars. We guarantee our clients the biggest performance of their time and money by offering a service with a digital focus, allowing to manage all the procedure online through a platform available 24h/365 days a year.


All the procedures necessary to manage your vehicles.

Icon - Car registrations

Car registrations

Icon - Transfer


Icon - Traffic reports

Traffic reports

Icon - Vehicles authorizations and cancellations

Vehicles authorizations and cancellations

Icon - Records management

Records management

Icon - Duplication of licenses

Duplication of licenses

Icon - Bonification of IVTM

Bonification of IVTM

Gesthispania - Servicios - Gestoría Administrativa de vehículos


Incorporated into your daily basis. Paperless. Instantly. 24h/365 days a year

Icon - Tracking of the procedures on real time

Tracking of the procedures on real time

Icon - Download of reports

Download of reports

Icon - Online submission of new procedures

Online submission of new procedures

Icon - Models of procedure documentation

Models of procedure documentation

Icon - Digital documental management

Digital documental management

Icon - Download of temporary licenses

Download of temporary licenses

Icon - Incident management

Incident management

Icon - Commercial activity management

Commercial activity management

Icon - Access of multiple users and different roles

Access of multiple users and different roles

Icon - Periodic reporting online

Periodic reporting online

Access to clients

Access to Webportal

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