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Innovation on administrative management services of vehicles

We are strategic partners on the administrative management of fleets with the biggest mobility solutions providers worldwide. We specialize in the management of the areas of traffic fines and administrative procedures.

We move supported by technology innovation to offer our clients a service which improves and transforms their business. We reinforce transparency in our operations with control and monitoring tools customized for our clients.

We count on a team of over 70 professionals specialized in the legal and technology areas of the administrative management of vehicles, and with whom we share the vision of constant improvement and quality care for the services offered. Currently we are expanding our business worldwide, offering our services in the portuguese market.

We are experts in...

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Traffic penalties

Solutions for the integral management of traffic fines for business and drivers. We guarantee the efficient fulfillment of every procedure related with traffic penalties: from the reception of the fines notifications until the payment, supported in customized online platforms of management and control.

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Administrative services

We offer every procedure necessary during the lifespan of a vehicle, under the perspective of digital innovation and transformation for your business, as every procedure can be fulfilled online, through a platform active 24h/365 days a year.

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Icon - Software consulting and development

Software consulting and development

This business line is performed through ebraincar, a study created by Gesthispania in 2016, specialized in technology consulting and projects of digital transformation for business, covering both design and complete development phases of custom technology solutions

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Technology innovation is the main characteristic of our proposal. It is our main business commitment which help us to improve the experience our clients have when using our services

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We facilitate our clients customized tools in order to have a complete tracking of our management, in any phase of the procedure.

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We compromise with our clients offering an integral and specialized service for their fleet, assuring the fulfillment of the deadlines for an efficient management.

Gesthispania, servicios de movilidad para empresas

Keep Moving

Gesthispania worldwide

Our growth outside of Spain has been possible thanks to the development of common projects, at international level, with our clients. The confidence they have in our services and our know how in the area of administrative management of vehicles favours our current international expansion, and in 2015 we started our operations in Portugal with the traffic penalties business line.

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